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Unicorn Innovations offers groundbreaking solutions that achieve massive results in a metric that you care about most: real customers. Our training services offers mentorship for business leaders and marketers like yourself so that you can effectively scale your businesses online through paid traffic.



    Our topics cover a comprehensive range of digital marketing platforms and strategies. No matter where you advertise to your customer, we have courses to help you convert them. But what makes us different is not just the topics we cover - it’s how deep we go on each topic. Some of our topics contain 100+ hours of instruction and training that you can use to succeed.


    The world is filled with people teaching courses on hacks, tricks, and techniques for digital marketing. So what sets our mentors apart? Results. Our mentors aren’t just teachers - they’ve been in the trenches of digital marketing, cutting their teeth executing and improving upon groundbreaking strategies to show exceptional outcomes.


    We’re invested in your success. As part of your membership, you’ll get access to our trainers and success coaches to make sure you’re applying what you’ve learned in our courses. Our training is so much more than passive knowledge transfer. It’s a set of active courses and implementation that show real results, because our number one priority is for you to acquire new customers.

Paid Traffic Training

Acquire More Customers And Leads Profitably With Facebook Ads

If you are looking for an outdated course that teaches basic strategies found for free on YouTube or to learn from someone who doesn't care about your success and won't be there to answer your questions and personally audit your ads then this is not the right program for you. If however you are looking for cutting edge Facebook ad strategies that you have never seen before taught by someone who truly cares about you and is going to be with you every step of the way then you are in the right place!
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Google Ad Academy

A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering the Secret of Google Ads Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything Google Ads (previously referred to as AdWords) has to offer? My program will show you how to take control of Google Ads and get the results you (or your clients) deserve. I’ve structured my course to be a complete blueprint anyone can follow.
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Instagram Academy

Explosively Grow Your Instagram Following

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything Instagram has to offer? We will show you how to take control of Instagram and get the results (and followers) you deserve. This course is a complete blueprint anyone can follow. We explore paid and organic strategies that are sure to explode your Instagram following!
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SEO Academy

Learn How To Consistantly Earn Traffic From Search Engines

Enroll in the most advanced Search Engine Optimization course on the web. Millions of searches are run on Google every day. Learn how to grow your share of the traffic.
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LinkedIn Academy

Learn How To Build An Online Community, A Personal Brand, And Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

Not sure where to get started on LinkedIn? It no longer needs to be the misunderstood social media platform. This high-level program will show you you how to build a great personal and company profile, build a big community, understand the content that works, and the tricks and tools to help you find success. There is a lot happening on LinkedIn right now and you don’t want to miss it!
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Facebook Academy

Consistently Creating Profitable Facebook Ads Like A Pro!

Enroll in the most comprehensive and knowledge packed Facebook™ Ads course on the market. Gain instant access to over 30 hours of videos covering everything from finding the perfect audience to scaling your ads from $10 to $10,000+.
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Unicorn Academy

Learn To Scale Your Business From Gurus Experts Currently Spending Over $1 Million A Month Acquiring Customers

This subscription to our Unicorn Academy gives you access to our entire course library and live training from some of our course mentors! Our mentors have built amazing courses. But let's be honest ... courses are a dime a dozen (even good ones). What sets us apart is how completely we support our students. We've put together the most ridiculously talented group of expert practitioners to teach you Facebook, AdWords, Instagram, LinkedIn, SEO, and more in order to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the best ways to scale your business.
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    Our mentors instruct on strategies that they themselves have implemented on the platforms they teach. They don’t lecture on “best practices” - they teach proven methods.


    Our mentors have spent thousands of hours testing every inch of their respective platform in order to develop the best methods for success so you don’t have to.


    While we have the most comprehensive online educational content in the world, we’re much more than that. We have a team of mentors to help you get the results you signed up for.




Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

Adrian Morrison

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

You need to learn from a real marketer that practices what they teach...and that's what Unicorn Innovations teaches.
CEO at Smart Marketer and Co-Founder of Zipify Apps

Ezra Firestone

CEO at Smart Marketer and Co-Founder of Zipify Apps

Very very knowledgeable when it comes to advertising, sales funnels, and E-commerce. If you're considering buying one of their courses I highly recommend it.
Founder of AdLeaks & Facebook Ad Buyers Group

Tim Burd

Founder of AdLeaks & Facebook Ad Buyers Group

They are one of the few guys who really know their stuff... I highly recommend you work with them in any capacity you can.
Original Shark on Shark Tank

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on Shark Tank

I've worked with them for a couple of years and recommend you check it out because they are really crushing it out there in the digital marketplace.